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PayDay Companies..
check cash advance loans may be helpful when you are having temporary cash problems or are facing a financial emergency and need money on a short-run basis. You should try to pay your loan in full when it is at maturity. If you are unable to do that, you should make every effort to pay at least part of the amount borrowed before you renew the dealing. more..
Loan Terms..
payday loans are short-run cash loans based on the borrower's pay check held for future deposit or on electronic access to the Borrowers bank account. cash borrowers write a personal check for the amount borrowed plus the finance charge and receive immediate payment. In some cases, borrowers sign over electronic access to their bank accounts to receive and repay check cash advance loans. more..
They are all different names for a quick loan of between $50 and $1000 that you pay back on your next pay check day. Unlike many other banking institutions, we do not require that you have good credit or, for that matter, any credit history at all. If you have any questions about qualifying for cash advance loans, please contact us. more..
What Is A PayDay Loan..
There are many other names for no fax payday loans, payday loans, payroll advances, deferred deposit loans, no fax payday loans and paycheck advances just to name a few. more..
PayDay Loan Advice..
While cash advance loans are very easy to qualify for, they are also very expensive and not the best choice for making financial ends meet. The U.S. FTC has a nice page that gives good information regarding cash advance payday loans. The Federal Trade Commission points out that no fax payday loans are pricey and they give a nice example to illustrate the cost. In their example the this cost to the borrower is effectively a 391% APR. That is steep even compared to a high interest rate charge card.  more..

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ClearCheckbook 2010 Roundup

01/19/11 1:11 am

ClearCheckbook has had a great 2010 and we look forward to making 2011 even better. In 2010 alone, we had more new signups than the previous 3 years combined, closing the year with around 147,000 users. In 2010 we also released mobile apps for WebOS, Android and iPhone. These mobile apps have brought in over [...]

Currency and CSV Importing Updates

01/19/11 1:11 am

We have fixed an issue that was preventing currency conversions to take place in the search results. This has been taken care of and will now accurately convert to the global currency if you’re using multiple currencies and they both appear in the search results. We’ve also updated the functionality for CSV imports so they [...]

Server / Network Interruptions

01/19/11 1:11 am

I wanted to let everyone know we are aware of the recent service interruptions. This has been due to our server host messing with their internal network routing. Due to these as well as other issues with our host, we will be moving our server to another hosting facility and purchasing another server to reduce [...] Reader’s Choice Awards

01/19/11 1:11 am

I was just sent an email from telling us we could have our users nominate ClearCheckbook for the 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards in the Personal Finance category. You can visit the following link and nominate ClearCheckbook for “Best Online Personal Finance Software” and “Best Mobile Personal Finance Software”: Voting takes place through February [...]

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We’re always being told about the importance of your credit report, and how what’s in there can affect your credit score. Since your payment history is one of the most important factors that go into your credit score, missing a credit card payment can be a real problem. Missing several credit card payments can be [...]

Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard®

01/19/11 1:11 am

If you own a credit card with a high interest rate, and can’t seem to get away from large interest payments month in and month out, your best option may be to transfer that balance from your current credit card, to one with a 0% balance transfer offer. 0% balance transfer credit cards will gladly [...]

A Few Quick Tips for Selling Items on Craigslist

01/19/11 1:11 am

My wife and I recently accepted an offer on our home, and are in the process of getting ready to move. Once we started going through everything we realized we had a lot more STUFF than we thought we did – and a lot of it was stuff we don’t use anymore, and no longer [...]

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